Here is a great collection of early Vox amps and echo units and guitars.Many thanks to Brian for the pictures.


                AC4 (1964)                  AC10 Twin (1963)                         AC15 Tan


        AC15 TV                                 AC30 Piggyback                        AC30 TV









  AC30 (1963-4)                    AC30 Tan (1960-61)                  AC30 (1961-62)







Vox Clock signed by Dick

Denney and Hank Marvin                Cliff Richard Reverb

Vox Short Tom Echo (1960's)         Vox Long Tom

         Vox Long Tom interior                Two original Burns Marvin guitars (1964)    Marvin Strat collection



Amp Project pictures




(The 1961-62 AC30 was serviced by Dick Denney, as was one of the echo units).